The 2023 Nominations Are In!

Finalizing 2023 Nominees
Brodie, at his messy desk finalizing the 2023 nominees.

For our first-ever Best of Mile High Awards, we have our hands full with, at first count, over 3,000 nominated companies and places… Wow!

The nomination period was open from December 7th through yesterday, the 18th. We got the word out over social media and through your nominations and reviews, it looks like we have plenty of candidates to vet.

What’s Next?

This is where we really get to work. To truly find “the best” that Denver has to offer, we will painstakingly review each and every candidate. We’ll ensure the category they were nominated for is a good fit. We’ll also ensure all the location data is up to date in our system.

A note on locations… A single location business is easy. We’ll simply count their votes and reviews for the final score. Multiple location businesses are a bit more complicated. Since the quantity of votes and reviews plays a primary role in who wins Best of Mile High, we didn’t want businesses with multiple locations to have an unfair advantage just because they were bigger. So, we average out the reviews on a per location basis.

This is all part of why it takes so long for us to finalize the nominees. We’ll be working over the Christmas break to get this done as quickly as possible and, hopefully, announce the nominees just after the first of the year.

Thank You!

We couldn’t run these awards without the help of the local community, so thank you very much for your support. And, thank you for your nominations, votes, and reviews!